About Our Books

Artem Charta's rebound editions allow collectors and fans to own truly unique copies of their favorite books for a fraction of the price of other collectors editions.

The binding of our books is a very labor intensive process, and is largely done by hand due to the intricate detail in nearly every area of the design. 


Our process begins by removing the cover and grinding off the old binding, leaving nothing left but the loose printed pages. From that point on, the book is completely rebound, a process also known as re-casing. All of the original spine is remove and replaced with a new sewn binding.

This cleat sewn binding tremendously increases the durability of each book. The pages are first ground to produce the “cleats” which the sewing thread will weave into.

This is done on a specialized machine which simultaneously cuts the cleats and sews the spine. The thread passes over a glue pad to help it better hold the pages, but the spine construction isn’t done yet. Most books that are mass produced use heat cured adhesive for the spine. It is cheap, fast, and easy, but not the most durable option.

Heat cured adhesive tends to become brittle over time which is why some older books crack when you open them after a long storage period. Our process involves using more traditional glue which requires at least 8 hours to cure. It’s longer and more labor intensive but results in even more durability!

This is also the point when the special magnet it glued into the spine to secure the magnetic sword bookmark. It is less than 2mm (approx. 60 thousandths of an inch) thick.

Now the text blocks are ready to be married with the hand formed covers.
The covers arguably require more workmanship than the text blocks. They are assembled by hand, the material is formed over the raised border by hand, and each receives the special gold foil stamping one by one.

The heavy-weight end sheets serve to join the cover and text block. This end sheet is sewn and glued into the text block itself, which is much stronger than the usually glue in or “tip in” method you see on so many other books.

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You Have Never Seen Books Like These

A cast metal crest is set into the middle of the front cover, immediately setting our books apart from any you have ever seen.

This original piece of artwork is inspired by elements of the story, and gives the cover a whole new dimension of detail.

The title is stamped deep into the cover in beautiful gold metallic text.

The gold foil stamping can also be found on the spine of each book identifying its number in the series.

Unmistakable. Even on the shelf.

The beautifully numbered and hubbed spine features a decorative sword inspired by the the world of A Song of Ice and Fire.

The sword is securely held in place by a strong rare earth magnet concealed inside the spine.

This also centers the bookmark on the spine; in the same place each time you put it away.

Rich Detail From Any Angle

Our exclusive creations are unlike anything you have ever seen. And we want it that way.
These unique features require extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

The books are proudly rebound here in the United States. This proximity gives us great control over the quality of our books at every stage, and helps to make sure that we stay on top of the entire process.